Solar Panel Monitoring System

Why Solar Panel Monitoring?

Solar panels are exposed to stresses of wind, rain, snow melt, freeze cycles and UV radiation. Such exposure can result in wear and tear of panel and reduce lifespan of panels. Solar panels may develop defects that can be easily fixed if detected early enough. Over time, failures in solar panels can cause intense drop in energy production. As temperature rises solar panels become less efficient and produce less electricity.

Thermal cameras look for panel hotspots. A defective cell can change module from power consumption resulting in heating the cell which will show as hotspot in the thermal image.

Product Features
  • Instant notification alarm on hotspot
  • Automated, continuous thermal and visual view of Solar panels for performance and safety
  • Early and remote fault detection
  • Improved reliability of power generation
  • Continuous monitoring without personnel constraints
  • Remotely monitor multiple, distant panels from a central location
  • Reduced maintenance costs with early hotspot detection
  • Software is customizable as per customer requirement
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