ThermCAM-160 is a medium resolution thermal camera, with 30Hz frame rate, multi functions and wide temperature measurement range.

Key Feature

Temperature range

-20 to 120°C | 100 to 1000°C


160 x 120 pixels




Ethernet, 4-20mA & Digital output

It provides ultimate inspection tools and unprecedented easy-to use designs to fit your needs. Like quality control, process monitoring or process automation. The device is durable, robust and suitable for industrial continuous operation. It is available in 160 x 120 Pixels resolution. It works at wavelength range from 8 – 14 µm.
The thermal image captured by ThermCAM 160 can be transferred and viewed in a computer using Infraview software supplied with every ThermCAM 160. It has a built in Analog and TTL output from the camera. It can display thermal video, provide continues thermal output without loss and no appreciable time delay in I/O cards.
System Configuration
The system can be configured by either connecting the camera directly to a dedicated computer using Ethernet connection with build in Analog and digital outputs or the camera can also be paired with a network switch which can be further be connected with I/O module to get additional alarm/alerts, analog/digital output for temperature indicators and PLC/SCADA systems.
Technical Specifications
Optics Variants


ThermCAM-160 has a thermal image processing software InfraViewTM at the core of a thermal imaging system which is customizable with Client – Server Architecture for catering to multiple clients at the same time. The modular windows software InfraViewTM can be configured / customized to cater to application / solution requirements. Accuopt’s InfraViewTM software allows you to control the camera record, view, manipulate and store the captured video / image as well as measured temperature data. This real time software allows simple and fast parameterization for documentation of the temperature data for optimizing process control.

Special Features

  • ConfigurableROI’s:point, line,freeshape Ÿ Histogram and isotherm visualization
  • Hot and cold spot detection
  • Color palette scaling
  • Trendcharts
  • Alarm output
  • Video and Image export
  • Real time temperature measurement values
Cooled Housings
thermal camera with cooling arrangements
Power Supply
Power Supply Unit
Camera Tripod
I/O Module
DIN RAIL Mounted I/O Module

The I/O module consist of digital input/digital output(relay output) and analog 4 -20mA, which can be mounted on Din-rail. It provides analog and relay outputs with respect to temperature. These outputs can be customized for temperature indication, alarm generation or error reporting.

  • All I/O are user settable for range and ROI selection
  • I/O Channel parameters can be customized via software, as per requirement
  • I/O works on Ethernet and provide with Din rail Mounting for Easy Installation
Computer System
  • Processor: Intel i3 6th Generation or Higher
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 1 TB or Higher
  • SSD: 256GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Wall Mounting
Vortex Tube
Network Accessories
  • Quality Management
  • Process Automation and Process Control
  • Research & Development Projects : Non-Destructive
  • Testing of materials, Studies of Aspects in Veterinary Medicines
  • Early fire detection in storage buildings, forests and even in cities.
  • Traffic Control
  • Process Control in Metallurgy
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Building thermography around thermal bridges and localization of weak points in walls