Thermal Imaging Solution for Fume Stack Monitoring

Fume stack monitoring system

Fume stacks are long vertical structures through which the waste flue gases are released into the atmosphere. Flue gases are produced by the combustion of coal, oil, and natural gases. These flue gases are composed of CO₂, O₂, water vapors and etc. Sometimes there can be chances flammable gases enter the stack and can get self-ignited which can lead to vast fire inside the stack.

Fume stack monitoring system

Thermal cameras can be a versatile solution for monitoring the surface of the fume stack. During normal conditions, the surface temperature of the stack lies between 40°C~50°C, and if in case of fire occurs there will be a rise in surface temperature which can be easily detected by thermal cameras. Accuopts’s ThermCAM-80 thermal imager has a pixel resolution of 80×80 pixels and the user can set a threshold temperature over which if the temperature increases an alarm will be generated and the operators will get notified of the abnormal conditions. This camera also provides direct analog (4-20mA) output which can be provided to the PLC system.

ThermCAM-80 thermal camera is a non-contact temperature measuring instrument that can measure the temperature from -20°C to 120°/100°C to 1000°C (other temperature ranges are also available). It can detect the spectral range of 8-14 μm and has the accuracy of ±2% of reading in °C or °K.


  • Automatic and non-contact temperature measurement system, which increases personnel safety
  • Improve fume stack safety
  • Allows timely maintenance of the stack
  • Generate alarms on detection of hot spots, which helps in predictive maintenance and reduces high rejection costs or reprocessing.

Key Features

  • Provide continuous thermal video in InfraView™ Software.
  • Different types of ROI (Region Of Interest) can be drawn for localized temperature monitoring.
  • Histogram and trend chart of ROI can be generated for data analysis.
  • Includes 9 different color palates which can be selectable as per the user demand
Thermal camera connections

Thermal Camera Connections

  • ThermCAM-80 provides Ethernet output. The camera has two connectors on the back side one is a power connector and another one is an RJ45 Ethernet connector.
  • The camera gets connected to a PC installed with InfraView™ software which allows streaming thermal videos/images.
  • This camera also provide direct analog (4-20mA) out which can be taken over PLC/SCADA, digital indicators or hooters/ alarms, etc.

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