Accuopt provides a wide range of standard and customized thermal imaging solutions suited specifically for your application. Contact us with your enquires or questions today.

Industrial Solution

Substation Hot-Spot Monitoring System

High Resolution Thermal Imaging based automatic hot spot temperature monitoring and reporting system for predictive maintenance

Furnace Monitoring System

Thermal Imaging For Continuous Process Monitoring And Quality Control. We provide High temperature furnace monitoring system AST TFV-750/TE-750.

Infrared Flare Monitoring System

The best suitable and efficient solution for flare stack monitoring is Thermal Imaging as it has the ability to monitor the flame from a distance without direct contact...

Solar Panel Monitoring System

Solar panels are exposed to stresses of wind, rain, snow melt, freeze cycles and UV radiation.
Defence Solution

Night Vision Solutions

ANV640 is a specially designed and crafted military grade imaging system for providing Night time visibility to Automobiles.

Border Surveillance System

Accuopt Thermal Camera systems deliver effective solutions for every security and safety need.