Early fire detection in Coal Yard/Bunker

Coal pile monitoring

Many industries are using coal as a primary fuel for igniting furnaces, boilers, or any other heating equipment. These industries store coal in the yard in bulk as per their daily consumptions. There is a high risk in storing the coal in large quantities, as coal is a highly volatile substance and easily gets self-ignited due to a rise in temperature. As ignition at one spot can result in a spontaneous fire in the whole field.

As always, prevention is better than cure. Thermal cameras (ThermCAM-384/640) are the most availing solution for early fire detection. The thermal camera will provide real-time thermal video/image and the temperature data of the surface of coal piles. As the coal gets ignited a rise in temperature will be reflected on the surface of the coal pile and the thermal camera will easily detect the hot-spot and will generate an indicating alarm to alert the personnel. This complete hardware system is integrated with the software. The software streams the thermal and visual video/images, it also has PTZ controls and many other software features.

ThermCAM-384 thermal camera is a noncontact temperature measuring instrument that can measure the temperature from -20°C to 120°/100°C to 1000°C (other temperature ranges are also available). It can detect the spectral range of 8-14 μm and has the accuracy of ±2% of reading in °C or °K.

Coal pile monitoring
Coal bunkers


  • Early fire detection
  • Improve equipment and personnel safety
  • Alarm generation on the detection of hot-spot
  • Automatic monitoring device; no operator
    required i.e. stores the images, measured temperature, and process
    related data
  • Easy interface and flexible according to
    operation needs

Key Features

  • Provide continuous thermal video in InfraView™ Software
  • Different types of ROI (Region of Interest) can be drawn for
    localized temperature monitoring
  • Histogram and trend chart of ROI can be generated for data analysis
  • Includes 9 different color palates which can be selectable as per
    the user demand
Thermal imaging camera connections

Thermal Camera Connections

  • ThermCAM-384 provides Ethernet output. The camera has two connectors on the back side one is a power connector and another one is an RJ45 Ethernet connector.
  • The camera gets connected to a PC installed with InfraView™ software which allows streaming thermal videos/images.
  • This camera output can also be taken over PLC/SCADA, digital indicators or hooters/ alarms, etc. through the I/O module via a network switch.
  • This Accuopt’s I/O module provides 2 relay outputs and 4 analog output of 4-20mA.

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