Explosion proof thermal camera

Atex certified housing

explosion proof housing

Explosion-proof housing for Accuopt’s Thermal Cameras  

Objective of EXPLOSION-PROOF housing

Several industries have a flammable atmosphere or hazardous zones, where fumes of flammable materials are present in the ambient and a small spark can cause ignition which can result in explosions or extensive fire. While installing any electronic or electrical device in such zones it is very important to make sure that the equipment has a housing that can prevent internal sparks to reach the atmosphere as the electronic components have their internal sparks and this small spark can cause a big accident. 

Ex-Proof Housing

ACCUOPT Ex-proof housing is specially designed for thermal cameras. Its robust design helps in loading various types of cameras.

Dimensional Drwaing

Key Features

  • ATEX, IECEx certified.
  • Helpful in Gas Zone 1 and Zone 2, class IIA, IIB, IIC, T6, and for Dust zone 21 and 22
  • Weatherproof housing of stainless steel with IP66 protection ingression (IP68 also available)
  • Compact body and can be mounted over a wall, pole, or ceiling 

Application Area

Petrochemical Industries

Chemical Industries

Construction site

Oil and Gas Industry

Flour mills

Grain production and storage


Power Plants

Petrol Station

Onshore and offshore rigs