Substation Monitoring System

Spark View Camera
Substation Hot-Spot Monitoring System
Automatic Online Thermography
High Resolution Thermal Imaging based automatic hot spot temperature monitoring and reporting system for predictive maintenance
Objective of Substation Monitoring
A Typical substation consists of several electrical equipment such as CT (Current Transformer), PT (Power Transformer), CB (Circuit Breakers), Surge or Lightning Arrester, Busbars, Earth Connectors, Potential Transformer etc. These components are connected together that form “joints”. Normally, over the period of time, these joints develop hot-spots due to the high voltages and currents passing through them which require timely and daily monitoring. These hot spots may cause breakdown of the sub station which may result in shutdown of plants which is dependent on power from the substation. It may also cause accidents. So, it is important to monitor “hot spots” in a substation regularly to prevent such breakdown or accidents.


ACCUOPT SparkView : Substation Hot Spot Monitoring System detects hot-spots in switch-yard or substation, prepares reports against every potential host-spots in “joints”, keep a record for analysis and displays them in control room.

Thermal and Normal view

Normal View
Thermal View

Sparkview helps preventive maintenance of your switch-yard/substation

Key Components of SparkView

One unit of SparkView Consists of the following equipment

1. ThermCAM-640/ThermCAM-384 : These are the high resolution ( 640X480 Pixels/384X288 Pixels ) thermal camera which is the core of the SparkView Substation Monitoring System. It uses a lens which is selected as per desired area to measure hot-spots in the switch-yard or substation.

2. 2MP Visual Camera with 20x optical zoom : Visual Camera is used for better identification of the joints manually during the hot-spot location during installation from control room or during any manual inspection remotely from control room.

3. PT-Drive with Enclosure : This is a PAN and TILT System which helps the SparkView cover more areas per unit. Its a weather proof industrial grade system designed to perform in harsh weather conditions.

4. SparkView Software : This is an Windows Based Thermal Image Acquisition and processing software which detects hot-spot , generates reports automatically once or twice a day. The period can be configured. SparkView Software has many features which are useful for switchyard monitoring system.

Apart from above main components, a panel box that houses all power supplies, ( network equipment if any) are kept at the location near to the installation of the SparkView. Also, it is normally mounted on a rugged pole at approx. 45 degree angle to cover large area of the switch-yard or substation.

Normally, at least 1GBPS data link is required from the SparkView installation site to the control room where a Server Grade PC is located with SparkView Software. If continuous monitor is not needed, than multiple ( upto 8) units of SparkView can be connected to the same data link as well as the same PC.

Hot Spot Monitoring System
Operation Concept
INFRAVIEW Software is configured to take temperature of all probable hot-spot locations ( normally joints between components in switch-yard/substation) at a predefined time. Every hot-spot location is checked if the measured temperature exceeds the threshold set for that joint. If it exceeds the thresh-hold, then it is considered hot spot and report/alarm is generated.

Normally, Infraview Software is installed at the Control Room of the Substation, and monitored. If any hot spot is detected, its manually checked and rectified and its status is updated.

An weekly ( or monthly) report can be generated with all hot-spots checked, temperature recorded. One can plot a graph of any hot-spot location against time/dates to see rising pattern which helps analysis and preventive maintenance.

Key Benefits

Key Feature

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