Fevespot El – Economic Fever Detection System With People Counting

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AccuOpt developed a lucrative and rapid approach to measure human body temperature . This new device called Feverspor-EL comes with Live temperature display with people counting, Inbuilt electronics and storage. It is very reliable, highly accurate, cost effective, easy to be set up and consumable. Temperature of a person can be measured up to 10 to 15 cm distance from its sensor head. Whenever one person shows up in front of temperature sensor’s front end it captures the body temperature and also adds one digit in the people counter. All the data then transferred to its internal storage, which can be accessible via PC. If the person’s temperature is under normal range it shows a green light or if it is more then normal range it shows red light and produces a beep sound for alarm indication.

Highlighted Features:
  • Records the data and shareable to PC.
  • Live Temperature Display with People Counting.
  • Temperature rang: 25 to 50 degree celsius.
  • Power inputs- 24VDC or standard mobile charger 5VDC.
  • Quick response time (100 ms response time adjustable upto 10 sec) and repeatability.
  • 15:1 Optics.
  • TTL Output (for communication)

Additional Feature:

To reduce manpower and better time management of organisations in data logging, we came up with a new approach. In this configuration Fever Spot EL can communicate with RFID reader, key fob and swipe card by using UART or Wiegand protocol. Whenever an employee tap/swipe his/her card, the employee ID is sent to Fever Spot EL via UART or Wiegand. After that FeverSpot EL start taking the temperature of that employee.

  • After getting the employee ID from Card reader, it takes the temperature of that employee and stores the reading in memory with date and time. The storage capacity of Fever Spot EL is 2000 data (Employee ID, Temperature value, min, hour, date, month, year).
  • User can transfer the logged data from Fever Spot EL to computer /Laptop via USB/RS232/RS485 using AST Infrasoft software.

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