Accuopt Thermal camera module LTC is a compact size module designed to interface easily into consumer electronics and mobile devices. It captures input in its nominal response wavelength from 8 to14 microns and provides output of a uniform thermal image.

Our Thermal camera module is taking 5V supply and gives raw data image on Ethernet port. It also takes command on Ethernet port for sensor settings. We also provide SDK this enables user can easily make their utility software.

Key Features

  • Rohs Compliant
  • One time user programmable defaults ( Initialization of setting no longer required at start up)
  • Integrated digital thermal image processing functions, including automatic thermal environment compensation, noise filters, non uniformity correction and gain control
  • Optional temperature stable output to support radiometric processing
  • Integral shutter configuration
  • Long wave infrared sensor, wavelength 8 to 14 microns

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