High Resolution Ultra Compact Infrared camera for Non Contact Temperature Measurement


TE-700 is a thermal Imaging Camera, with high spatial and thermal resolution, that provides monitoring of temperature profile for real time applications in various industries. Whether in quality control, process monitoring or process automation – the infrared camera TE-700 measures temperatures without contact exactly and reliably.

Technical Specifications

Optics Variants


TE-700 has a thermal image processing software INFRAVIEW at the core of a thermal imaging system which is customizable with Client- Server Architecture for catering to multiple clients at the same time. The modular windows software INFRAVIEW can be configured / customized to cater to application / solution requirements.

Accuopt’s INFRAVIEW Software allows you to control the camera record, view, manipulate and store the captured video / image as well as measured temperature data. This real time software allows simple and fast parameterization for documentation of the temperature data for optimizing process control.

Special Features

  • ConfigurableROI’s:point, line,freeshape
  • Histogram and isotherm visualization
  • Hot and cold spot detection
  • Color palette scaling
  • Trendcharts
  • Alarm output
  • Video and Image export
  • Server client configuration



  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Glass Industry
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