High Resolution Ultra Compact Infrared camera for Non Contact Temperature Measurement


AST-TE700 is a thermal Imaging System, with high spatial and thermal resolution, that provides monitoring of temperature profile of the target object round the clock visually in a display system for demanding real time imaging applications in various industries. Whether in quality control, process monitoring or process automation – the infrared camera TE-700 measures temperatures without contact exactly and reliably. The device is durable, robust and suitable for industrial continuous operation. TE-700 is available in 640 x 480 Pixels resolution. Thanks to the large measurement temperature range, TE-700 can satisfy thermal profiling need of very large industries. With high shock and vibration tolerance, TE 700 is designed for years of maintenance-free operation. It is an affordable camera in the market with 25Hz frame rate, multi functions and wide temperature range It works at a short wavelength range from 0.85 – 1.1 μm to minimize physically caused temperature measurement errors from emissivity inaccuracies.

In parallel with the visualization of a thermal profile, it can also display monochrome image of the object. In very fast processes or at temperature changes, the data acquisition happens in real- time via Gigabit Ethernet or via USB. With real time data acquisition, images can be transferred to a computer using INFRAVIEW Software. It can display thermal video, provide continuous thermal output without loss and no appreciable time delay in I/O cards. Multiple clientPCs can also be configured to view thermal video at different locations through LAN.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range700°C - 1800°C
Optional Resolution/ Frame Rate640 x 480 Pixels@ 25Hz
DetectorHigh Dynamic CMOS
Spectral Range0.85 - 1.1μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)<1 K (700°C [<1292°F]), <2 K (1000°C [1832°F])
Video Format for SavingMPEG-4, AVI
Image Format for SavingBMP/JPG
Analog Output4 Channel Analog Current Output
Digital Input2 Isolated inputs
Digital Output2 Relay Outputs
ProtocolGIGE for ethernet, Proprietary for USB
ShutterShutter Less
Ambient Temperature0°C - 60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity20 to 80% non-condensing
Shock3 Bumps @64 g 1⁄2 sinus during 5ms. (on the three axis)
Vibration15g RMS from 5 Hz to 500 Hz (on the three axis)

Optics Variants


TE-700 has a thermal image processing software INFRAVIEW at the core of a thermal imaging system which is customizable with Client- Server Architecture for catering to multiple clients at the same time. The modular windows software INFRAVIEW can be configured / customized to cater to application / solution requirements.

AST INFRAVIEW Software allows you to control the camera record, view, manipulate and store the captured video / image as well as measured temperature data. This real time software allows simple and fast parameterization for documentation of the temperature data for optimizing process control.

Special Features

  • ConfigurableROI’s:point, line,freeshape
  • Histogram and isotherm visualization
  • Hot and cold spot detection
  • Color palette scaling

  • Trendcharts
  • Alarm output
  • Video and Image export
  • Server client configuration


Visible Camera Options

  • Water Cooling Jacket (Ref No. 8900-04)

I/O Module

The I/O module provides analog and relay outputs with respect to temperature. These outputs can be customized for temperature indication, alarm generation or error reporting.

  • All I/O are user settable for range and ROI selection
  • 4 analog outputs 4-20mA
  • 2 Relay Outputs
  • Din rail Mounting for Easy Installation
  • 2 Isolated Digital Inputs for triggering
  • I/O can be customized according to user requirement
  • I/O works on Ethernet

PC Specifications

  • Processor : Intel i7 8th Generation or Higher
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • GPU : 2 GB
  • HDD : 1 TB
  • Operating System : Windows 10
    (Reference No.8900-06)

Standard Accessories

  • 12 VDC power supply
  • Ethernet cable 5 mtr.
  • Infraview Software
    Included in standard package with TE 700 camera


  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Glass Industry

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