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ANV640 – Thermal Night Vision Camera

ANV640 is a specially designed and crafted military grade imaging system for providing Night time visibility to Automobiles. ANV640 provides high resolution wide angle video feed which makes it easy to cover the complete width of the road and also provides good depth which increases long distance visibility to view distant vehicles and personnel in front of the vehicle.

ANV640 is a package of a high resolution night vision camera mounted inside military grade mounting bracket along with custom designed rugged 7’’ display which can be mounted on any type of vehicle’s dashboard. The system can easily hook up with the 12 VDC Chargers available in almost every automobile.

The night vision camera for driving without turning on the headlights at night is installed on the bonnet of vehicles. On the monitor installed in front of the driver, driver can see video from 22m ahead of the front wheel of the vehicle and end of the road on both side.

Night View Human Eye View
Night Road View ANV640 View
Product Features
  • Thermal sensor 384 x 288 pixels
  • 17µm pixel pitch
  • A thermalized lens 18.8mm f1.0
  • HFOV 19.4°, VFOV 14.6°(Specially designed for automotive night vision)
  • 2t, 32mm Ge window with DLC coating with built-in heater for defrosting
  • IP67
  • Size: 57mm (W) x 57mm (H) x 65.4mm (L)
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