ThermEYE - Handheld Thermal Imager








ThermEYE is hand held thermal camera series specially designed for temperature measurement in Industrial & Commercial applications. The system is equipped with a 256×192 pixels resolution thermal detector.

It can quickly find hidden faults due to temperature variations. Additionally this device comes with a visual camera and a flashlight to identify the targets easily. Thermal image and visual image stored in the SD card can be retrived through USB. The system is protected with IP 54 class protection against water and dust. Also the camera comes with a PC software for report generation and Thermal Analysis.

Technical Specifications
  • Observe Heat Generation and Dissipation in Printed
    Circuit Board.
  • Monitor Heat Signature developed on a Solar Panel.
  • Thermally Visualize an ongoing Industrial Process.
  • Identification of Critical Hotspots in Substations.
  • Plan Preventive Maintenance of Mechanical Installations.
  • Carrying Case
  • PC Software
  • User Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Batteries (installed).
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