PREDATOR 360 is a Thermal + Visual camera based Thermal Hot-Spot detection and monitoring system. This is a 24/7 surveillance capable system which can be installed in critical zones like Substations, Coal Yards, Large Server facilities, Militarized zones etc.

Optics Variants (optics with motorized focus)
50 mm1 Km2.7 Km0.26 Km0.67 Km0.13 Km0.33 Km
75 mm1.5 Km4 Km0.38 Km1 Km0.19 Km0.5 Km
100 mm2 Km5.3 Km0.5 Km1.3 Km0.25 Km0.67 Km
150 mm3.1 Km8 Km0.78 Km2 Km0.39 Km1 Km
200 mm4.1 Km10.7 Km1 Km2.6 Km0.5 Km1.3 Km
250 mm5.2 Km13.4 Km1.3 Km3.3 Km0.65 Km1.7 Km
300 mm6.2 Km16 Km1.5 Km4 Km0.75 Km2 Km
37.5 -150 mm0.78 -3.1 Km2 – 8 Km0.2 – 0.78 Km0.5 – 2 Km0.1- 0.39 Km0.25 – 1Km
25 – 225 mm0.5 – 4.6 Km1.3 – 12 Km0.13 – 1.1 Km0.33 – 3 Km0.06 – 0.55 Km0.16 – 1.5 Km
Technical Specifications
Software Description
InfraViewTM IDS Software processes the Thermal images transmitted via MTI 640. It also controls the movement of Pan & TM Tilt Drive. InfraView -IDS Software is completely customizable as per the different locations and user requirements. InfraViewTM IDS Software is able to detect, recognize, identify and automatically track uman/Vehicle intrusions in any desired area.
Special Features
  • Displays Real-Time Thermal Video
  • Detection of human and Vehicles
  • Automatic & Manual Tracking of intruders
  • Option to configure detection algorithm using multiple preset temperature, can work as counter measure to deceptive thermal wear, mesh.
  • Capability to approximate speed of detected moving intruder
  • Capability to alert situational awareness information like if intruders gun has been fired recently or if the intruder has been running.
  • Capability to compute approximate GR (Grid reference) as per Indian Defense Forces requirement
  • Can work as Enemy Artillery Site Detection System when used with suitable long range lens.
  • Manual Rotation, Focus and Zoom controls on demand
  • Integration with I/O card which allows automatic or manual controlling of flash light, hooter, animal sound  (dog barking/panther roar, snake hissing etc) on detection of any human intruder.
  • Defogging Ability for harsh visibility conditions
  • SMS/Email & Audio/Visual Alerts using optional I/O Module Ÿ 360° Panoramic Thermal and Visual presentation
  • Live Dashboard with Threat counters and Alerts
Night & Thermal Vision Security Solutions
Housing Unit
  • ACH-10 IP 66 Single Camera Housing with Sunshield Built in wiper/Fan/Heater& Ge window (Reference no: 9100-03)
  • ACH-30-1/2 IP 55/66 Dual Camera Housing with Sunshield Built in wiper/Fan/Heater & Ge window (Reference no: 9100-04 (Reference no: 9100-05)
  • ACH- EX 20 Single camera housing with ATEX certification and Ge Window (Reference no: 9100-06)
PC Specifications
  • Processor : Intel i7 8th Generation or Higher
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • GPU : 2 GB
  • HDD : 1 TB
  • Operating System : Windows 10
Visible Camera Options
  • AVC – 36 (36 x optical zoom) Ref. No. – 9100-08 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)
  • AVC – 20 (20 x Optical Zoom) Ref. No. – 9100-09 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)
  • AVC – 36 (36 x optical zoom) Ref. No. – 9100-08 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)
  • AVC – 20 (20 x Optical Zoom) Ref. No. – 9100-09 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)
Typical Configuration with PC
Security System Diagram
  • 48 VDC 7A Integrated Power Supply for Combined Unit Camera (Thermal & Visual, PT System & Housing) Ref. No. – 9100-10
Standard Accessories
  • 12 VDC power supply
  • Ethernet cable 5 mtr.
  • Infraview Software
  • Included in standard package with LTE 640 camera
I/O Module
An I/O module acts as an interface between computer and thermal camera. The I/O module provides analog and relay outputs with respect to temperature. These outputs can be customized for temperature indication, alarm generation or error reporting.
  • All I/O are user settable for range and ROI selection
  • 4 analog outputs 4-20mA
  • Relay Outputs
  • 2 Isolated Digital Inputs for triggering
  • I/O can be customized according to user requirement
  • I/O works on Ethernet
  • Din rail Mounting for Easy Installation
Pan Tilt System
Security System Pan Tilt Head
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Airport Surveillance
  • Border Security
  • Large Public Gatherings
  • Traffic Control
  • Railway/Bus Stations
  • Building thermography around thermal bridges and localization of weak points in walls
  • Also part of AST’s PREDATOR 360 System