High Resolution Long Wavelength Ultra Compact Infrared camera for Non Contact Temperature Measurement


TE-640 is an affordable thermal camera in the market, with 30Hz frame rate, multi functions and wide temperature measurement range. It provides ultimate inspection tools and unprecedented easy-to use designs to fit your needs. Whether in quality control, process monitoring or process automation – the infrared camera TE-640 measures temperatures without contact exactly and reliably. The device is durable, robust and suitable for industrial continuous operation.

It is available in 640 x 480 Pixels resolution. It works at wavelength range from 8 – 14 μm.

The modular thermal image processing software INFRAVIEW is customizable with Client-Server Architecture for catering to multiple clients at the same time. It can be configured / customized to cater to application / solution requirements. It is supplied with every TE-640 Camera.

Technical Specifications

TypeUncooled FPA detector
IR Resolution640 x 480
Pixel Pitch17μm
Spectral Range8 - 14μm
NETD<40mK@f1.0, 30Hz 300 K
FOV48.8° x 37.6°, 30.4° x 23.1°, 17.7° x 13.3°
Lens Type4.8 mm to 300mm lenses, manual / motorized focus, zoom
E-zoom2x, 4x
Temp. Measurement
-20°C - 120°C
0°C - 500°C (Switchable)
Accuracy±2°C or ±2% of reading
Temp. measurement
Hot Spot TrackingReal time display of hot spot location and temperature values
SettingDate/Time, °C/°F K, language
Emissivity Correction0.01 to 1.0 adjustable; correction by predefined transmission table table
temperature correction
Auto, according to the background temperature input
Optical filter/Window
Correction according to the transmittance table
Auto, according to the reflecting ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity and ambient temperature input
Color Palettes12 types including white hot, black hot, iron red, rainbow
ImageBMP/JPG format
VideoAVI format
Report GenerationWord format, customization possible
Network Interface100M ethernet, Rj45 interface, temperature data transmission
CVBS interfaceAnalog video output, offering ground observation information
Power interfaceDC12V
I/O4 Analog O/P & 4 Digital I/O (Optional)
Power Consumption4W
Operation Temperature
-10°C ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C ~ +70°C
Humidity≤ 95% (non-condensing)
EncapsulationIP54 (IEC60529)
Shock25G, IEC60068-2-29
Vibration2G, IEC60068-2-6
Weight290g without lens
Size92 x 62 x 52 mm without lens
MountingUNC 1/4” -20 standard mount, M3 thread
StandardThermal Imaging camera LTE 640(w/20mm lens) Integration cable, Software CD-ROM, Warranty card, registration card, Calibration certificate, Packing kit

Optics Variants


TE 640 has a thermal image processing software INFRAVIEWTM at the core of a thermal imaging system which is customizable with Client-Server Architecture for catering to multiple clients at the same time. The modular windows software INFRAVIEW can be configured / customized to cater to application / solution requirements.

AST INFRAVIEWTM Software allows you to control the camera to record, view, manipulate and store the captured video / image as well as measured temperature data. This real time software allows simple and fast parameterization for documentation of the temperature data for optimizing process control.

Special Features

  • ConfigurableROI’s:point, line,freeshaperectangle
  • Histogram and isotherm visualization
  • Hot and cold spot detection
  • Color palette scaling

  • rendcharts
  • Alarm output
  • Video and Image saving
  • Server client configuration


Enhancing Temperature Visibility

  • ACH-10
    IP 66 Single Camera Housing with Sunshield Built in wiper/Fan/Heater& Ge window
    (Reference no: 9100-03)
  • ACH-30-1/2
    IP 55/66 Dual Camera Housing with Sunshield Built in wiper/Fan/Heater & Ge window (Reference no: 9100-04
    Reference no: 9100-05)
  • ACH- EX 20
    Single camera housing with ATEX certification and Ge Window (Reference no: 9100-06)

Visible Camera Option

  • AVC - 36 (36 x optical zoom) Ref. No. - 9100-08 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)
  • AVC - 20 (20 x Optical Zoom) Ref. No. - 9100-09 (Sony 2 MP CMOS Sensors)


  • 48 VDC 7A Integrated Power Supply for Combined Unit Camera (Thermal & Visual, PT System & Housing)
    Ref. No. - 9100-10

I/O Module

An I/O module acts as an interface between computer and thermal camera. The I/O module provides analog and relay outputs with respect to temperature. These outputs can be customized for temperature indication, alarm generation or error reporting.

  • All I/O are user settable for range and ROI selection
  • 4 analog outputs 4-20mA
  • 2 Relay Outputs
  • 2 Isolated Digital Inputs for triggering
  • I/O can be customized according to user requirement
  • I/O works on Ethernet
  • Din rail Mounting for Easy Installation

PC Specifications

  • Processor : Intel i7 8th Generation or Higher RAM : 8 GB
  • GPU : 2 GB
  • HDD : 1 TB
  • Operating System : Windows 10

Typical Configuration with PC

Standard Accessories

  • 12 VDC power supply
  • Ethernet cable 5 mtr.
  • Infraview Software
    Included in standard package with LTE 640 camera

Pan- Tilt System


  • Quality Management
  • Process Automation and Process Control ŸResearch & Development Projects : Non-Destructive
  • Testing of materials, Studies of Aspects in Veterinary
  • Medicines
  • Early fire detection in storage buildings, forests and even in cities.
  • Traffic Control
  • Process Control in Metallurgy
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Building thermography around thermal bridges and localization of weak points in walls

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