Thermal Imaging based Human Body Temperature Measurement


FeverSENS lite


LTE 384F

FeverSENS kiosk

Infra Red based Fever Detection Systems by Accuopt

  • FeverSENS series  Accuopt’s Thermal Imaging based human body Temperature measurement solution. FeverSENS has 3 varients.
    -FeverSENS : Standalone Thermal + Visual camera system housed in a KIOSK arrangement with inbuilt PC, display and I/O peripherals.
    -FeverSENS lite : Lightweight version of FeverSENS with dual camera enclosure mounted on a Tripod.
    -LTE 384F : High Resolution Human Body Temperature measuring Thermal Imager.
  • FeverSCAN Highly Portable and Economic solution for automated body temperature measurement along with visual imaging.
  • FeverSPOT  Super Economic Human Body Temperature measurement using Infra Red Temperature sensor with an additional feature of people counting, integrated with a display unit and audio buzzer.


  • Why AccuOpt ? 
    Detecting fever is necessarily a temperature measurement process and Accurate Optoelectronics has long history of temperature measurement, right from contact to non-contact systems. Its parent companies, Tempsens and Accurate Sensors Technologies ( AST) are in temperature measurement since 1976. Tempsens is widely known for manufacturing accurate RTDs, ThermoCouples since 1976 and AST is one of the established name in non-contact temperature measurement system Pyrometer. So, it was  natural progression that this group started ACCUOPT, a Thermal Imaging Company in 2017.
    So unlike others, ACCUOPT is company coming from accurate temperature measurement background with everything under one roof in the field of temperature sensors and measurement. Its group companies makes highly accurate BlackBodies, a must for Thermal Camera Calibration, Climatic Chambers. Its group company also manufactures heaters. Tempsens invests heavily in R&D activities in the field of temperature measurement.
    So, ACCUOPT is in a unique position to detect fever by accurately measuring temperature with its vast experiences and resources.
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