Accuopt Fever Detection Systems

Detect Human Body Temperature accurately using Thermal Camera

FeverSENS system can measure human body temperature accurately to predict probable fever in a person.  FeverSENS System which uses both Thermal Camera to measure body temperature thereby detecting fever ( a symptom of COVID19 or any other infectious flu) and a visual camera which can identify the person affecting from high body temperature.

AccuOpt FEVERSENS System Consisting of LTE-384F Thermal And Visual Camera Housed In A KIOSK Arrangement With Display And Built In Keyboard Suitable For Mass Screening Of Public Gatherings, public entry doors to  Detect Individuals With High Body Temperature Which May Indicate The Presence Of A Fever, a symptom in COVID19 or any flu.

Key Features of FeverSENS

  • Realtime Dual Video ( Thermal and Visual), Configurable Temperature Sensor to detect fever flu as per symptoms
  • Automatic Alerts by Email or SMS
  • Visual Recognition of person with elevated body temperature with visual video
  • Several lenses for different FOV ( Field Of View)
  • Optional Visual Camera

FeverSENS software

Our FeverSENS software functionality built into the systems. It is designed to  help the watchful eyes of the personnel attending to the thermal stations. The Thermal and visual camera are mounted to screen at locations for mass screening of people. The software can detect, people with high fever and can raise an alarm and record the thermal and visual image. Based on the preliminary detection of fever, detailed investigation can be done for taking a decision.

Human Body temperature measurement
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We have different models of FeverSENS products. Kiosk Version, Tripod Mounted PC Version or Tripod Mounted Stand Alone Verison ( No PC required).