Border Security

Border surveillance and protection requires a 24 /7, day and night vision large area scanning system to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders, be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants or others.

Accuopt Thermal Camera systems deliver effective solutions for every security and safety need. When it comes to customized design and integration, we have experience working with customers to successfully meet their requirements. The Accuopt expertise in long-range surveillance cameras combines Thermal+visual an integrated ruggedized 360° pan-tilt positioned to deliver 24/7 covert security. These systems utilize continuous zoom optics and high resolution imagers that are ideal for tracking with threat detection.

Our Solutions

Scan the field

Accuopt provide the boundary system which includes the real time monitoring 24 hours a day and night in surveillance area.
– Identify moving object
– Obtain detection information
– Recognize the object

Coastal Area Surveillance

The surveillance system detects and tracks moving objects in vulnerable coastal areas, day and night, and identifies the enemies infiltrating coastline (border) by tracking information through information sharing system. Scanning and observation system for coastal surveillance and security is required to detect swimmers, small boats and illegal smugglers to enter into any country through sea.

Key Features

  • Displays Real-Time Video (Visual + Thermal)
  • Can work as Enemy Artillery Site Detection System when used with suitable long range lens.
  • Detection of human and Vehicle
  • Automatic & Manual Tracking of intruders
  • Manual Rotation, Focus and Zoom controls on demand Temperature, can work as counter measure to deceptive controlling of flash light, hooter, animal sound (dog thermal wear, mesh. barking/panther roar, snake hissing etc) on detection of any human
  • Capability to approximate speed of detected moving intruder
  • Defogging Ability for harsh visibility conditions
  • 360° Panoramic Thermal and Visual presentation
  • Live Dashboard with Threat counters and Alerts
  • Indian Defense Forces requirement

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